Conversion to S/4HANA

by Michael Pearson

According to SAP, as of Q4 2018, 25% of ECC customers have begun their migration to S/4HANA. For most companies the migration to S/4HANA is not about “if”; it’s about “when”.

However, relatively few companies have completely migrated all their ECC systems to S/4. As more companies perform the migration, predictably, the process gets better. SAP continues to improve the migration tools and the knowledge base continues to expand.

Yet, even as many customers have considered an upcoming conversion to S/4, many still have questions about how their existing business processes will be affected and how the conversion process will take place.

We recommend that its never too soon to start the education and preparation process for your conversion to S/4 – even if that date might be years away.

To assist in the preparation process, SAP has provided some useful tools that are free of charge and available to all customers.

Personalized S/4HANA Business Scenario Recommendations Report

This report is a good starting point in your S/4HANA journey. It will help identify the key areas of improvement and recommendations for your existing business processes in S/4. It provides potential benefits, value drivers and innovations. The report is quick and easy to generate by providing your own SAP usage/monthly transaction workload from your ERP production instance.

For more information and request a report, go to

SAP Transformation Navigator

SAP Transformation Navigator is an online tool that guides you in building an SAP product road map for your digital transformation, that meets your business needs and IT strategy. It looks at your current SAP landscape and maps it to the recommended SAP product. You can also add new products for solutions you do not have. For the SAP recommended and new products, it provides basic info on its capabilities and value, licensing information, integration and deployment options.

Next step is to select your value drivers and its priorities to help build a quick business case for your future digital transformation journey. This step is a quick bench marking exercise to compare how your company is performing against your top peers.

After inputting all the information, SAP Transformation Navigator will generate three customized documents, a business guide, a technical guide and transformational guide. The business guide will help answer why it is important to move forward with your future digital transformation road map you just built. The technical guide provides the important technical details with the products you have chosen. The transformation guide helps with project planning and transitioning.

To use this tool, login with your S-id and go to

SAP Readiness Check

Before you start any project planning for S/4HANA conversion, we highly recommend you run the SAP Readiness Check. This tool will check the following in your current ERP system:

- Custom Code Impact
- S/4HANA sizing
- Recommended Fiori apps to replace existing transactions
- Relevant simplification items
- Business process analytics
- Data volume management
- Business warehouse extractor

In order to run this tool, you need your S-id account, be on ECC 6.0 EHP 0 - 8 and install a few SAP notes. Once all prerequisites are completed, a very valuable dashboard will be built to provide the necessary information for your future S/4HANA deployment.

CONTAX looks forward to helping existing and new customers prepare for their S/4HANA journey. For more information on these tools, please contact or call us at +1 312-475-9706.

About the author: Michael Pearson

Michael is President of CONTAX and claims to be one of the few people in the western world who understands SAP licensing.