Company Profile

CONTAX is an SAP Gold partner and global SAP consulting services provider. From nine locations in four countries around the world, CONTAX delivers the highest quality of SAP services for SAP implementations, SAP application managed services, and SAP support services. CONTAX is an authorized reseller and certified SAP Enterprise Support service provider.

CONTAX develops and markets cloud-based application extensions for the SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) environment, and is one of the leading adopters of SAP CP in the SAP ecosystem.

Mission Statement

CONTAX partners with our customers and creates value by helping them achieve their business objectives: growth, profitability, efficiency, and scalability. We enable the potential of an organization with world-class solutions using world-class software from SAP. CONTAX develops and markets cloud-based application extensions for the SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) environment, and is one of the leading adopters of SAP CP in the SAP ecosystem.

Company History

CONTAX was founded in 1994 as an ERP application support and consulting services company, with an initial focus on the IBM AS/400 platform. During the mid 90’s, CONTAX president Michael Pearson took notice of the increasing presence of SAP who was, at the time, relatively unknown in North America. The decision was made to shift focus towards becoming an SAP services provider in this rapidly growing field, and ultimately to become an SAP Channel Partner.

The investment in the SAP partnership paid dividends, with CONTAX being awarded SAP’s “Fastest Growing Partner of the year” in 2009, and winner of the 2010 Global Best Practices Implementation of the Year award.

Since 2000, CONTAX had operated out of three office locations in Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal. During the period 2012 to 2014, CONTAX expanded from three office locations to seven, adding locations in Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island, Canada), Davenport (Iowa), Melbourne (Australia), Utrecht (Netherlands).

With the acquisition of SAP Services partner Aptelis in 2014, CONTAX added its eighth office location in Irvine (California) and with the acquisition of Onshore Partners in 2016, added the Austin (Texas) office location.

President's Message

As the leader of CONTAX, I am very fortunate to work with a truly talented and dedicated group of people whose commitment to excellence consistently impresses me. Every day I witness the difference we make in our communities in which we operate and for the customers we serve.

We strive to be good corporate citizens and global citizens, ensuring that we enrich the lives of not only those around us, but around the world. Improving efficiency, eliminating waste, lessening demand for resources, and acting in an environmentally responsible manner are core values and principles that govern both our day-to-day decisions and long term strategy.

Our success is not measured in revenue or profit, but in the positive impact we’ve made in the lives of our staff, our customers, our immediate local communities and the global community. We strongly believe that financial success is a benefit that stems from the work we do every day to make a positive difference in our world.

To our customers, your success is our success. We wish to share with you our passion for improving your organizations through more efficient use of resources and managing growth in a responsible and ethical manner. We seek out partnerships with like-minded organizations who believe in equality, fairness and making a positive difference in the world.

To our staff, we strive to provide an open and fair workplace. We want you to have fun at work. Our culture is one of inclusion where we respect diversity and others whose opinions or beliefs differ from our own, but all work together with a common purpose. Diversity and respect for one another is a fundamental prerequisite of a healthy, vibrant and engaging workplace.

We offer meaningful careers with purpose; opportunities to learn and grow; and the ability to realize your goals and dreams.

Working together we can effect positive change in the lives of our employees, our customers, our communities, and the world around us.

Michael J. Pearson
President - CONTAX Inc.