SAP Heat Treatment Tracking

Tracking Heat Treatment Using Standard SAP Functionality

Heat treatment is very important to manufacturing companies using steel in their production. Through this process they are able to optimize the mechanical and/or physical properties of their products to their requirements.

There are standards by which steel is given a heat treat number and it is critical to account for the traceability of the heat treat number through the manufacturing process. More complexity can occur as Production is done and different types of Steel can be combined which may affect the overall properties of the finished product. As a result, heat treat numbers can be combined. Through this process, traceability of the Heat Treatment number(s) from the original purchase of Steel to the finished product needs to be maintained in the SAP system.

The recommended option using standard SAP to accomplish this is to activate Batch Management to all relevant materials however this process adds layers of complexity throughout the organization including, but not limited to, Production, Logistics, and Inventory Management. Batch Management was designed for food companies who use Batches (Lot Codes) to manage the expiration date, not Manufacturing companies.

CONTAX has perfected it's own recommended option via standard SAP which utilizes Documentary Batch Management. This functionality utilizes the powerful traceability functions of traditional batch management in SAP but without any of the handcuffs!

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