SAP Basis Services

Our expert team of SAP Basis consultants in USA, Canada, Netherlands and Australia provides around-the-clock SAP Basis services to our customers locally and globally.

Contact us with your Basis requirements and we will respond within one hour, and we will have one of our Basis experts available in less than one working day.

Basis Outsourcing

We offer fixed-fee or pay-as-you-go contracts for Basis services. We provide SLA's for only what you need, so you're not paying for unncessary services. Basis outsourcing services often invole one or more of the following services:
  • Proactive monitoring of all SAP systems
  • Applying patches and updates
  • Performing transports
  • On-call services for critical issues
  • Performance tuning
  • SAP EarlyWatch Alerts management
SLA-Based Based Monitoring and Support

CONTAX is certified by SAP as a Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE), which means we are one of the few SAP services companies in North America to be authorized to deliver SAP Enterprise Support on behalf of SAP.

Where organizations already have internal Basis staff but require additional Basis expertise, CONTAX offers SLA-based Monitoring and Proactive Services. Proactive services addresses avoidable problems, such as a database table reaching its maximum size. Proactive services can detect the issue before it brings the system down and administer a fix to avoid any impact on system performance or availability.

On-Demand Services

Your Basis person just quit? No need to panic. CONTAX provides on-call, on-demand Basis services on as little as two hours' notice. We offer flexible contracting options, so there's no need to make a long-term commitment.

We'll even offer to perform the knowledge transfer and transition for free. Contact us for more information about free transition services.

HANA Database Migrations

CONTAX has performed HANA database migrations for many SAP customers. Our Basis experts will ensure a smooth, pain-free migration to SAP's HANA platform.

If you are considering a HANA database migration, Contact us for details on how to determine the costs and analyze the benefits.

Service Packs, EHP updates and Upgrades

Your system is out of date, but your Basis staff are too busy? We take the hassle out of EHP updates and upgrades. Most EHP updates can be done in just a matter of days, and even significant upgrades can be performed in six weeks or less.

Contact us to get a quote on your EHP updates or upgrade.

S/4HANA Migrations and Conversions

Considering a migration to S/4HANA? We'll give you the straight goods on what you need to know before you begin your migration planning. We are also an SAP Reseller, so can provide license costs and make you aware of any additional costs.

Contact us for an analysis of your S/4HANA migration options.

Security, Authorizations and Compliance

Within our Basis team, a select group of our staff are Security and Authorization experts. We've performed security audits for many customers, including working with internal teams on SOX compliance, HBP, GMP, ISO and other audits.

Contact us for more information about our SAP security and authorization audit services.

BW Basis

BW Basis services requires specialized expertise. Our team of BW Basis experts have been installing, monitoring and servicing customers' BW installations for over 10 years.

Contact us for more details about our BW Basis services.

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