SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Two Methods to Integrate your SAP ECC or S/4HANA with SuccessFactors

Switching to a cloud solution for their HR needs has become a common practice for many companies. A popular solution available is SuccessFactors. One of the benefits of SucessFactors is that you can start from anywhere and go anywhere. You can pick any of its modules such as Employee Central, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance and Goals, Succession Development and Learning, as a starting point and then expand form there.

In many cases, companies have already invested in an HRIS but would like to leverage one or more of SuccessFactors’ modules. A common misconception is that Employee Central is required in order to interface with an external HRIS. While Employee Central has an abundance of features that make it an excellent HRIS, it is not required.

There is a core set of functionality that is common across the entire SuccessFactors Software Suite, known as Platform. It provides a centralised location for your employee profiles, which can be integrated with your existing HRIS. Integration can be handled in a couple of different ways that can be efficient and cost effective.

The first method being SFAPI (SuccessFactors Application Program Interface), is a SOAP Web Service designed for importing and exporting data to and from SuccessFactors. If your HRIS is a web based software, chances are that SFAPI can facilitate and automate integration between the two systems.

The second method is an exchange of flat files from one system to another. The advantage here is that we are not limited to web based software. As long as your current HRIS can import or export a data file it is possible to exchange information with SuccessFactors, even if it cannot support API’s.

For more a more detailed explanation of the 2 methods please download the Case Study.

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SF Integration Case Study

Learn about the different methods of integration between SuccessFactors and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

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