&$!#% SAP, I Need Help!!!

by Alex Thomas

Sometimes you just need a bit of help to navigate an SAP transaction code and, although SAP’s system has a Help menu, this requires some setup before you can get fast and relevant insights into the specific process you are trying to complete in SAP.

Instead of searching for keywords and then filtering the information found on the SAP Help Portal to get to your specific SAP Product and Version, this could be setup in your SAP System so that with only a couple of clicks you are presented with the right information at the speed of your internet connection!

Here is a simple example, imagine you are a new user and have been asked to post a Vendor Invoice (Transaction FB60) but there is no documentation available, or it is outdated.

In this case you can either turn to a search engine, type in some key words that make sense to you and then sift through all the hits you get to try and find the right information, relevant to your specific SAP product and version. OR, you could get to the correct information in only two clicks by following the menu Help > Application Help, directly from transaction FB60:

And just like that, you are taken to the correct spot on the SAP Help Portal, where you are presented with the relevant information for the process/transaction you are working on:

Setting up this functionality usually requires about four to six hours per Language, including testing and deployment. The Language itself must have been installed with your SAP System as the Help function is directly linked to the user’s own logon language (a default language must be setup). Some older SAP Product/Versions may not have documentation available on SAP’s Help Portal.

By adding this easily configured feature, it will improve the SAP user experience, reduce the stress and frustration for new users in adopting SAP and minimize training related support tickets to your support team.

With input from Julio Gomez, Senior FICO Consultant at CONTAX.

About the author: Alex Thomas

Alex is a Vice President and leads CONTAX' ERP solutions practice.