Team and Approach

Experienced Team

Time-Saving Templates

Cost-Effective Pricing

Our team of highly skilled dedicated full time staff will make your transition seamless.

Their in depth knowledge of SAP and EDI allows them to easily set up and work directly with your trading partners, and handle error monitoring and resolution.

We have pre built templates to utilize in most trading scenarios including customers, vendors, 3PLS, 4PL’s, financial institutions and transportation. We ensure you are conforming to the retail compliance guidelines of your trading partners.

CONTAX utilizes a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model. There are no hidden fees for set up, monitoring or error management.

No up-front costs, no implementation fees.

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EDI Blogs and Articles


Victrola uses Arcus for their 3PL processes to ensure a smooth and streamlined operation.

Riverside Natural Foods
Riverside automates and simplifies their EDI with Arcus.

Roma Moulding
Roma Moulding uses Arcus to integrate their configurable products ordering process.

Pricing Model

We designed our pay-as-you-go pricing model to be simple, transparent and cost effective.

Take the guesswork out of your monthly bill with no up front costs, no hidden extras, just simple pay per use pricing.

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• Zero set up costs
• No VAN (network) charges
• Pay only a flat-rate per EDI document processed
• No charge for adding trading partners, map changes, or version upgrades
• No monthly minimum charge

Business Solutions

Arcus provides guaranteed full compliance with all of your EDI trading partner requirements, and supports any protocol or EDI standard.

Supported industries include:
• Pharmaceutical
• Food
• Durable Goods
• Wholesale
• Automotive
• Hi-Tech
• Finance
Supported standards include:
• ANSI X.12
• RosettaNet
• AS2
Pre-Built Templates for all transaction types including:
• Sales Orders
• Purchase Orders
• Advance Ship Notices (ASN's)
• Invoices
• Remittance Advice
• Warehouse Transactions
Pre-Built Templates for trading partners including:
• WalMart
• Best Buy
• Costco
• Amazon
• Kroger
• McKesson
• Target
• Loblaws

Our Team

Our team of EDI professionals are ready to work with you through your EDI transition and ongoing support. Everyone on the team is not only an EDI expert, but an SAP integration specialist as well allowing them to work with you from every angle all the way from EDI specification through to IDOC configuration.

We will work with you to streamline and improve your processes while getting you set up on the platform. Once live, you can rely on them to take care of all of the end to end support and monitoring.